Internal Audit

The Company established an Internal Audit Unit to become a strategic management partner in the management and supervision of the Company’s performance. The Internal Audit Unit is led by a chairman who is appointed and dismissed by the President Director with the approval of the Board of Commissioners. The Internal Audit Unit upholds the values of professionalism, objectivity, and independence in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. Through this Internal Audit Unit, the Company strives to achieve business objectives, improve the effectiveness of risk management as well as implement and control the Good Corporate Governance process optimally.


1. Arranging and implementing the Annual Internal Audit plan;

2. Assessing and evaluating the implementation of internal controls and risk management systems according to Company policies;

3. Conducting checks and evaluations on efficiency and effectiveness of finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, information technology and other activities;

4. Providing suggestions for improvements and objective information about the activities examined at all levels of management;

5. Making an audit report and submit the report to the President Director and the Board of Commissioners;

6. Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the implementation of suggested improvements;

7. Cooperating with the Audit Committee;

8. Developing a program to evaluate the quality of performed internal audit;

9. Conducting special checks if needed



a. Having access to all relevant information about the company related to its duties and functions;

b. Directly communicating with the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, and/or the Audit Committee as well as members of the Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, and/or Audit Committee;

c. Holding regular and incidental meetings with the Board of Directors, the Board of Commissioners, and/or the Audit Committee;

d. Coordinating its activities with the activities of external auditors; ande. Allocating human resources, determine frequency, choose subjects, determine the scope of tasks, and apply the techniques needed to achieve audit objectives.



In carrying out its duties, functions, and responsibilities as a supervisory partner in the Company Management, the Internal Audit Unit adheres to the Internal Audit Unit Charter dated April 2, 2018 which is based on the legal principles of Limited Liability Companies, provisions of the Articles of Association and other relevant regulations. The Charter of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee lists the functions and scope of the Internal Audit Unit in providing objective and independent assurance and consulting services in order to provide added value and improve the Company’s operations. SKAI assists the Company in achieving its objectives through the use of systematic methods in evaluating and increasing the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes.


Download Internal Audit Charter